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I’m Adrian Labbé, an iOS developer. I have some apps on the App Store, all open source. I try to make iOS better for coding. I’m from Switzerland but I actually live in Chile.

iOS Apps

Pyto - Python IDE

SeeLess - C IDE

LibTerm - Command Line Interface

Pisth - SSH Client

Edidown - Code Editor

My story as a developer

Firstly, I started coding iOS apps with Swift. Then, I did some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and after that I coded some games with Unity. In 2017, I started coding real projects. That would be my first app to be in the App Store, but I got lots of rejections by Apple, and with the release of the Files app in June 2017, I decided to stop this project.

The file manager contained a very little SSH file browser, so I knew a bit about an SSH library for iOS. I took advantage of this knowledge for a new app for coding Swift and running the code on a SSH server. Apple rejected my app many times and I decided to cancel the project, again.

Then, I had another idea. An app for coding any language in the user’s SSH server. I started an SSH and SFTP client. That’s how in January, my first app, Pisth was approved for the App Store. I continued improving the app.

I started a terminal app but I coded every command and I added a ‘python’ command, that I also coded myself with the Python API. I cancelled the project because my method of re-coding existing commands was very ineficient. But I started a Python IDE, Pyto. I didn’t know so much about Python and this project allowed me to learn a lot about it.

After that, I started other new projects, including the terminal that I re-coded but with other’s people code to focus on the UI.


For support for any of my apps, you can contact me at my email address